Why I quit facebook…

“Customer Satisfaction” for Facebook is measured in click-
throughs and sales dollars…not in user complaints. You
and I are not customers to Facebook. We’re the product.
We’re what they’re selling — our eyeballs are being sold
to the advertisers. Their only reason to make you happy
is to ensure you come back (begrudgingly or not). Once
you realize that, their lack of “customer service” isn’t
surprising in the least. So long as you’re not paying for
the service, you’re not a customer. They care very little
about your privacy, your experience, the impact that their
constant site layout changes and privacy policies have on
you, the annoyance if/when they sell your personal data to
mailing lists and spammers — so long as it all suits the
needs of their true customers and doesn’t piss you off
enough that you don’t keep coming back. This is the way
of business…get used to it unless you want to pay for
these things.
– slashdotter commenting on this thread:

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