Zen Quote

Objects are not deceiving – they are deception. What we see, what we hear – all that our senses present to us is fiction. No more real than a dream. We can only know that which we believe. That which we believe – that … is all we have.

Goodbye 2008

Hell of a year. Sold our house, moved twice, rented two different apts. Jumped jobs twice. Relocated 4000 miles away. Bought another house.

Previous ten years? One house, one job. Embrace change. Makes for a much better life.

Getting to Work | MetaFilter

This pretty much sums up my experience w/job hunting last year….

Are you searching work? Not just a job, but a career, something you can tell your grandkids about?? Are you tired of endlessly applying to jobs at companies who never call you back, or even acknowledge your application?

Why fight ’em when you can join ’em!

You could have a fabulous career in HR! Yes, you! Are you bad at follow up? Do you like hoarding power over people but can’t make the cut with the local police? Is your happy place determined by titles and keywords and cells in excel spreadsheet? Do you like like describing the failings of of others in exasperating yet passive aggressive detail? And hey, do you enjoy cataloging salient details of a good sexual harassment scandal (and, come on, who doesn’t)?

Then a career in HR might just be for you! HR requires no special education or skill set, just a willingness to obliquely belittle and threaten your fellow man. You can do it – you too can be a master of a tiny subset of a restricted universe!

(Offer void in companies with actual imagination, drive or basic intelligence.)

via Getting to Work | MetaFilter.

Goodbye Hawaii

Well three day’s and a wakeup and after almost living 40 yrs in Hawaii, we’re moving to Colorado. I doubt we’ll ever regret leaving the state, except for the few friends we leave behind. It’s become almost unbearable to cope with the salaries that lag 10-20% behind the mainland, with the highest cost of living out of all 50 states. Much of the “Aloha” state has lost it’s aloha, from the corrupt politicians, to the profiteers gouging the public. To cope with the worst school system in the nation, we pulled our son into home schooling. The housing market is over valued and stagnant. We were lucky to get out when we did. The industry has relied on fleecing tourists for too long, second only to Vegas. The low paying service economy assumes you’ll work three jobs to feed your family. Enough.



Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than
anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself.
Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself,
and be lenient to everybody else.

– Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887)


Time to order more espresso beans. On my third generation espresso machine and loving it. My last one worked ok, but to get a decent foama it took picking up a commercial burr grinder to make it even close to what it should be like.

MAGNIFICAMy current machine, a DeLonghi Magnifica is automated beyond belief. Grinds steams ejects grounds all with the touch of a button. Gone are the days of a separate grinder, spewing grounds everywhere, tamping, pulling. When Starbucks changed from manual to auto machines I regretted getting the “extra shot” free as the manual pulls only dispensed double shots. Buy one get one free if the barrista wasn’t being a dick by pouring the second down the drain. Auto machines ended the “Blackeye” for the price of a “Redeye”.

Anyway, the trial and error of finding a decent whole bean espresso blend bewildered me. Starbucks sucked, as did Peats, and a few others I’d tried. Then ran across a few comments on Boingboing making reference to a Black Cat blend by Intelligentsia Coffee. Simply the best damn espresso I’ve ever had. Time to up my order to a five pound bag.