Goodbye Hawaii

Well three day’s and a wakeup and after almost living 40 yrs in Hawaii, we’re moving to Colorado. I doubt we’ll ever regret leaving the state, except for the few friends we leave behind. It’s become almost unbearable to cope with the salaries that lag 10-20% behind the mainland, with the highest cost of living out of all 50 states. Much of the “Aloha” state has lost it’s aloha, from the corrupt politicians, to the profiteers gouging the public. To cope with the worst school system in the nation, we pulled our son into home schooling. The housing market is over valued and stagnant. We were lucky to get out when we did. The industry has relied on fleecing tourists for too long, second only to Vegas. The low paying service economy assumes you’ll work three jobs to feed your family. Enough.


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