Time to order more espresso beans. On my third generation espresso machine and loving it. My last one worked ok, but to get a decent foama it took picking up a commercial burr grinder to make it even close to what it should be like.

MAGNIFICAMy current machine, a DeLonghi Magnifica is automated beyond belief. Grinds steams ejects grounds all with the touch of a button. Gone are the days of a separate grinder, spewing grounds everywhere, tamping, pulling. When Starbucks changed from manual to auto machines I regretted getting the “extra shot” free as the manual pulls only dispensed double shots. Buy one get one free if the barrista wasn’t being a dick by pouring the second down the drain. Auto machines ended the “Blackeye” for the price of a “Redeye”.

Anyway, the trial and error of finding a decent whole bean espresso blend bewildered me. Starbucks sucked, as did Peats, and a few others I’d tried. Then ran across a few comments on Boingboing making reference to a Black Cat blend by Intelligentsia Coffee. Simply the best damn espresso I’ve ever had. Time to up my order to a five pound bag.

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